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Gate Level Simulation: A Comprehensive View

Your manager has decided that post-layout netlist verification using gate level simulation (GLS) will be a gating task on your chip design project, and has assigned you to accomplish it. Where do you begin?  Let’s take a look at the basic requirements for getting a GLS test bench up and…

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Optimizing Simulation Run Times With Checkpoints

Gate level simulation (GLS) tests with full timing (SDF annotation) take hours, days or even weeks to run. Even RTL simulations for such things as performance modeling, power estimation or production ROM testing can run for a long time.  If you need to dump waveforms as well, that can easily…

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The Definition of Quality


certus  adj  [L certus] \'sir-tus\  1 : certain  2 :  fixed, settled, firm  3 :  resolved, determined  4 :  sure  5 :  trusty, reliable


The Expert Edge

We have over three decades of Semiconductor Industry experience, specializing in ASIC and SoC designs.  Our expertise includes front end design and specification, pre-layout verification, post-layout verification, emulation and validation.

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Educating Our Clients

We're not content to blindly perform a task, but are always looking for ways to improve the process and hence the overall results.  Expect us to question "the way we've always done it", and to make suggestions for increasing efficiency, performance, maintainability, etc.  We are committed to enhancing your team's skills and knowledge.  See our Knowledge Base for useful tips and tricks.

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Committed to Your Success

Your project is important to you, your career, and to your company.  We take that very seriously.  You can be certain that our team will make the success of your project our priority!  We have a long list of satisfied clients that will attest to our dedication to supreme customer service.

What We Do

Certus Consulting Group was founded in 1989 to provide expert solutions to clients with critical ASIC project needs. Since then, our services have been retained by over a dozen Silicon Valley companies for more than 50 different projects.

Certus Consulting Group provides design and verification services for complex ASICs and Systems on Chip (SoC). Our clients include some of the biggest names in the electronics and semiconductor industries.  We provide the expertise to ensure design reliablility, performance and best time to market.

Member of the Professional And Technical Consultants Association since 1993.

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