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Jerry McGoveran

Founder & President

Jerry McGoveran is the president of Certus Consulting Group, Inc., which he founded in 1989.  After 35 years in the semiconductor industry, he still has a passion for engineering and remains fully "hands on" each project.  He currently specializes in SoC verification, both pre- and post-layout, with extensive experience in multi-processor environments such as those found in storage controllers.

Jerry is experienced in the latest high level coverage based and constrained random verification methodologies. He is also considered to be among the top experts in the area of gate level (netlist) simulation, an oft overlooked but still vital step in verification.

Jerry began his career at American Microsystems where he was part of a small team of design engineers implementing customer circuit designs into two new approaches to chip design called Gate Arrays and Standard Cells, which in later years would become known collectively as ASICs.  In his first year as an engineer, all five of his designs were first pass silicon successes.

Building on that first year's success, Jerry has designed and/or verified well over 50 ASICs and SoCs for more than a dozen satisfied clients.  These chips cover a broad range of applications including communications, defense, avionics, mass storage, graphics processing, networking and computer workstations.

Jerry received his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the School of Engineering at the University of the Pacific.


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